Where has the time gone?

The year is running along at such a fast pace, I am sure time did not go so fast when I was little. I remember long long summers that seemed to never end, like time stood still and we played all day on the street and under the sprinklers. All the kids in the street (and there were many) were out there until dusk until we realised we were starving and ran inside for “tea”.

But now it goes really fast and I want to enjoy every minute. So I am!

May and June will bring travel to France, the Netherlands and England, teaching at three wonderful shops.

First in May, Saturday26th and Sunday 27th, at Patchwork d’Emma in Gauchy. I met the lovely Emma in Houston last year and we struck up an immediate rapport so I was really delighted when she asked if I would like to teach in her shop.

Following that I will go to The Netherlands and be teaching at Petra Prins Patchwork, one day in Zutphen and one day in Amsterdam, 29th and 30th May. Petra is world famous for her beautiful Dutch reproduction fabric and amazingly beautiful quilts, it is a great honour to be running workshops in her shops.

After that, I will revisit Cowslips in Cornwall but this time not as a customer but as a tutor. After Pour l’amour du fil in Nantes ast year, we went on a little drive around the south of England and happened to pass by, not accidentally, the sign for Cowslips Workshops. The most delightful shop, restaurant and setting, overlooking the rolling hills around the town of Launceston in Cornwall. I am very excited to be returning there for two days of teaching, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June.

You can contact these shops via their websites to book into my classes.

I am also working on new patterns, as always and I expect to have these new quilts with me when I visit the UK and Europe.

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