There and Back Again

Whenever you plan a trip overseas, the preparation and excitement seems to occupy all your time and thoughts many months prior to the trip. Include in those thoughts, a hatred if not a fear of flying long distances and being stuck up there, the decision to go on a long trip is not easily made! However, I had a good reason to go with two children living in Europe, a visit was a necessity. I spent time in London with my daughter, then we together flew to Florence to visit my son who is finishing his studies there at Monash Prato. It was all a little surreal. My friend from Australia, Lorraine and I were together exploring London while our daughters were working during the day. We visited many beautiful patchwork shops, Liberty of London, goes without saying, Hever Castle in Kent and The Globe Theatre. The weather was perfect, not too hot or too cold. We visited the amazing Antique Textile Company in Hampstead and both made a little, or not so little, purchase. I was invited to teach the Dilly Bag and Emma Mary at the beautiful Tikki Patchwork in Kew Gardens and finally met Tiina who I have been following on IG for ages. We also visited a beautiful fabric shop in Islington called Ray Stitch. Florence with my children was a highlight, I had been there when I was 20 but saw it through very different eyes this time. My son, living there for months, knew the lay of the land and took us to places we might not have otherwise seen. Like inside the beautiful homes that he and his friends are leasing for their stay there, 600 year old buildings with magnificent interiors, hardly student digs! We then all caught the train to Venice, a place I was very keen to see again, having read avidly on the history of how Venice came to be built in the first place. It was a wonderful experience and before I knew it, I was back again! I like to now imagine where my children are living, I know their homes and their environment and where they work and study. I feel more connected with them when they are so far away and that makes me happy. Here are some photos I took during the trip.

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