A Dilly A Day

I've always loved a bit of hand piecing, evenings, cat on lap, watching a favourite show! Lately however, after the demise of the pin cushion obsession, I thought I was in the clear to set about designing another quilt. While I was thinking I decided to make a dilly bag, not too difficult, pretty fabrics etc. etc. So I did, I made one, then two, then three and I am not here to divulge how many I have now made, suffice to say that my friends have one or are getting one and I'm thinking again, about the next thing and hoping I can control it!!!! Here is a photo of one of the many pin cushions I have made, again the actual number is not relevant here, but, you know, more than 2 and less than 20. The pattern for the Pin Cushion is by Louise Pappas of Three Dolls Patterns and I now have a pattern for the Dilly Bag available.

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