There and Back Again

Well I see that I have not been "here" for a while, goodness knows what I have been up to but it has taken me ages to do it! I actually have been a bit busy, the usual, family, pets, stitching, eating chocolate, not necessarily in that order. The most exciting journey was on my trip to New Zealand aboard a very large cruise ship "Voyager of the Seas", as a tutor. It was my first time on anything larger than a flotation device that bobs about in a swimming pool, so I was alert not alarmed when I boarded this monster of a ship. It took me the whole two weeks to navigate my way around it, making sure to steer fairly clear of the edges where the water was, so as not to trigger the "alarmed" bit. I was invited to join the tutoring contingent by Needlework Tours much to my delight, it turned out to be just that, a delight. The classes were wonderful, eager and talented students learning how to "navigate" their way around Museum Medallion and Guinevere. I met a great group of tutors from various States in Australia and we would congregate together most days after class stitching together watching the sun go down. It was a different world on the ship, and luckily it did not move much even when the waves across in the Tasman grew to 8m. So there you go, thats been my main adventure of late and I am attaching a few photos to prove it!

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